The Work
Cohen & Sons

The original Mr. Cohen and his sons founded their store as a Brooklyn mercantile in 1947. Seven decades later, Mr. Cohen's grandson, Zach Cohen, revived the company's name for his clothing brand, pairing simply silhouettes with an uncompromising insistence on quality throughout the line.


Lululemon • Rimba Run

The new flagship Lululemon store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, needed its own rich identity. To achieve this, Lululemon partnered with The Mighty Motor. Together, we used the local jungles (rimba) to show the rich, diverse Malaysian climate. 


The Mighty Motor brought Strike Movement together with the men and women of Telegraph CrossFit in San Francisco to create a ground-level portrait of the brand's active lifestyle.

Acura | IMSA 2018

To celebrate Acura's launch of its Penske ARX prototype racer (as well as its ongoing NSX GT3 campaign), The Mighty Motor partnered with the Japanese automaker to immerse viewers in the world of IMSA sports car racing.

Haas Moto Museum

Walk through the doors of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas, and you’ll instantly understand why motorcycling has exerted such a grip on generations of enthusiasts. 

Events | The Mighty Motor

The Mighty Motor specializes in bringing stories to your screen. We believe, however, that life happens and stories are born in the real world, which is why we host our events.

Moto Memories

Every motorcycle adventure evokes the sensations of past rides while creating new memories with each passing mile.

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