Building Speed

While documenting Max building the turbo Motus ( Salt Shaker ) we talked about creating a short film.  Something simple just to have. Maybe to share with our friends and maybe our kids someday. "Look at this cool thing we did back in the day". 

Supermoto Monday

Spent Monday at the Adams Motorsports Park ripping around with a few friends on Supermoto. We had the track all to ourselves so we did what any moto junkie would do...  rode till we ran out off gas.  

The Musket :: Film

It started with an engine Max had specially ordered. A 1000cc V-Twin born from passion, ingenuity and nonconformity.  Iron, aluminum, brass, wood...it took Max six months, and we followed him step by step thought the process. The sweat, blood, and joy involved in creating one of the most stunning machine on two wheels.




A Night at Perris

The cool thing about living in California is that while most of the nation was all bundled up, plowing snow and generally whining about a November arctic blast, we went out to Perris Raceway to cheer our friends on from Hell On Wheels and Deus as they went left... Over and Over...


More pics after the jump...

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