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  • Haas Moto Museum
  • Aaron McKenzie
Haas Moto Museum

Walk through the doors of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas, and you’ll instantly understand why motorcycling has exerted such a grip on generations of enthusiasts.

With over 140 cycles spanning 12 decades, the Haas Moto Museum is a celebration of a culture that continues to evolve today. From the time when a crude gas tank was first strapped onto a bicycle frame to the creation of radical new designs that push the limits of today's imagination, The Haas Collection is an unrivaled tribute to history, design, and speed.

The Mighty Motor is proud to have provided the creative direction and curatorial services that brought the Haas vision to life, and we look forward to keeping this museum – and this lifestyle! – alive for decades to come.


  • Aaron McKenzie