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Moto Memories

Clients: Aether Apparel • Moto Guzzi Americas • Equilibrialist

Director: Shaik Ridzwan

Producer: Aaron McKenzie

Photography: Shaik Ridzwan and Jose Gallina

Talent: Heather Bonomo • Emily Farache • Chris Rogers • Carson Nicely


Every motorcycle adventure evokes the sensations of past rides while creating new memories with each passing mile.

In this photography series, The Mighty Motor partnered with Aether Apparel, Moto Guzzi, and Equilibrialist to take viewers along for a ride up the California coast, inspiring them to recall – and dream about – their own adventures.

Our riders left Los Angeles early in the morning and made their way up California’s coastal Highway 1, through a region that is both rustic and picturesque, rugged and inviting. Destination: Ojai, on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest.

Along the way The Mighty Motor captured the journey’s entire expanse: the speed, the sounds, the smells, and the bends in the road as the sun glinted off a visor.

The adventure culminated with an at Caravan Outpost, where our riders swapped tales over beers around a campfire before retiring to CO’s Airstreams for some sleep.  

Our riders were up early the following morning, eager to have the backroads to themselves as they made their way toward Los Angeles, already dreaming of the next adventure even before this one had concluded.





  • Shaik Ridzwan