Sole Ascendance // Joe Roberts
We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Joe Roberts during the winter break in his home in Los Angeles.
Joe is currently the only American rider in 75th FIM Road RacingWold Championship. I was very curious about his story and was fortunate to get to know him in a more relaxed setting...
Gerry Hickson

A lifetime of racing adds up to a lifetime of stories. I can only try to tell a small fraction of Gerry's life in these few paragraphs but I'm glad to be able to share this much at least. Making personal connections with people like Gerry is what makes this whole project with The Mighty Motor worthwhile... 

Yaniv Evan.


"You need something to move that back wheel; that's the Powerplant."

Yaniv's first introduction to two wheeled transport was in his own home growing up. His brothers had vespas they let him ride, and when that wasn't enough, he took his wheels off-road. Yaniv's father had a few dirt-bikes at home and this is where he got his thrills...