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Adam Gaspic

Adam Gaspic, better known to his friends as “Gasser”, was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. You could say that he was born with a wrench in one hand and the other twisting a throttle. At age two, his father would sit him on the tank of his three-wheeler and by age four he had already learned to ride a motorcycle.

When he was eight years old, he got his hands on his first personal bike. It was the bike that started everything. The bike was a Honda CT70. “It was on that bike that I learned to fix motorcycles. When it broke, I’d fix it.” As he got older and his skills progressed, so did the venue. On a hopped up CR125, Adam raced motocross when he was fourteen to sixteen years old, filling his room with trophies. 

It wasn’t always motorcycles for Adam. Later, he would spend more than fourteen years as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Master Technician working for BMW and Mercedes in Canada. He loved working on engines and learning about them. During that time he picked up a street bike. Doing a little sports riding and commuting here and there, Adam didn’t really spend much time thinking about vintage motorcycles. Not until he found two 1970 Honda CB350’s for a hundred dollars. For the hell of it, he started rebuilding the bikes and turning them into cafe racers. Everyone that saw them wanted one so he started building more for friends.

If there was one bike that started his career in bike building Adam will tell you it all began with “Stella”. In 2012, Adam found a 1973 Honda CB350 Four for a project. The bike started off as a barn find that was left to rot by its owner sometime in 1977. Adam brought it back and gave it it the full treatment. That same year he entered Stella in the Canadian National Vintage Motorcycle Rally and took first place right off the bat. That, in a nutshell, was the catalyst for him taking his bike building to the next level. 

“I really wanted to make it work.” With that he packed up and moved to California.

Now based in Los Angles, Gasser Customs has already rolled out fifteen bikes through its doors. When not building bikes, he is developing products for them. “Being able to develop products nobody has thought about and testing them is probably my favorite part of the business.”

His latest bike to come off the lift is a 1975 Honda CB750 Super Sport called “Titan”. The build sheet goes on for days. Too many beautiful details to list here but my attention goes straight to the engine. I have never seen a CB engine look so good. Every bit of craftsmanship put into that Honda powerplant is perfect. The tank I will say is the cherry. Brilliant contrast with the color choice but fittingly so with that matte finish. The bike has already won him trophies and a spot on Jay Leno’s series ‘Jay’s Garage’ in its first few months of debut.

While at his shop, when I asked Adam what his favorite bike was he said, ‘“my favorite bike is whatever I’m working on right now. That’s where my full passion is concentrated.” It is without a doubt that Adam loves what he does. He is a quiet and reserved man but awakens with a wide smile when tales of engines and lonely twisty roads are spoken. His wife Lisa is just as enthusiastic about motorcycles as he is. She is seen right alongside Adam at every event I’ve been to. She probably knows more about vintage Honda motorcycles than most guys I know swinging their redwings over a seat.

When we left Gasser Customs, Adam was working on another Honda CB750. From the bones of it, we could already tell that it will be another stunner. Upside down forks, one off single-sided swing arm sitting on forged Marchesini’s…enough said.

For now, if you have some crazy idea for a custom bike — something you think that “nah…even Noah couldn’t build this shit” — I say give Adam a call. Worst case scenario, you get the bike of your dreams.






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