Nicki Twang


It all started out with a funny little British single in 2005, a 1969 Triumph TR25W. I had it for almost three years and had so much fun with it before I wanted to upgrade and swapped it out for a 1967 Triumph TR6 that I still have. I never really forgot that little British single and two years ago I got my hands on the single big brother, a BSA B50. These old bikes have opened a whole new world for me.

From the first day I started to photograph these lovely machines and the people around them, I was hooked. I remember the stories and the knowledge they had about these old bikes amazed me. I started to work on a project called “entusiasme på to hjul / enthusiasm on two wheels” and called up everyone I had met on the road for a shoot. 

Then I was lucky to get an invite to the Norwegian Motorcycle Exhibition and got an eighty meter long wall to decorate. Since then I have kept on riding and photographing the bikes and lifestyle on two wheels.