Kim Boyle.

Kim Boyle // Boyle Custom Moto

I was a fan of Kim’s work even before I knew anything about Boyle Custom Moto. The 1971 Norton Commando he named “Ed” is now a star attraction everywhere he shows it. The tank and tail section were revised and redesigned with help from Evan Wilcox, the original maker of the alloy bodywork. I could sit and study this Norton for days.



Chabott Engineering.

I met Shinya and Ayu at last summer’s The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Monterey. We talked briefly and I told them that I would love to see them in Azusa once I made my move to LA in a couple of months. We kept in touch and I went back to San Francisco to start packing for the move.

Seeing that Shinya and Ayu had successfully finished the Motorcycle Cannonball and were now back in Azusa I knew that the time had come for me to make my way to Chabott Engineering.