Powwow Of Native Iron

Whats a better way to spend 4th of July weekend then with a day celebrating the American heritage on two wheels.  Deus has paid tribute to other configurations in the past but this time around, American iron took center stage. Lets face it, American bikes captures everything that is truly American. We've seen the auto industry come and go but one thing remains constant as cheese burgers and apple pie, a Harley will always be a Harley. 

Harley Davidson weren't always top dog in the game of course. There were others that gave them a good run for their money. Crocker Motorcycles for example, blew away the competition with more than 30 horsepower deference at times. Indian's and Harley's didn't stand a chance. Sadly production ceased in 1942 and only 68 bikes more or less remain today.  We were lucky enough to see one of Michael Schacht's bikes on display. Don't call it a replica. It is years of research and continuation of old school methods to build these new Crockers. It is stunning to say the least.   

The other bike that drew crowds was Steve McQueen's 1927 Indian Big Chief.  Thats right; owned and ridden by no other than 'The King Of Cool' himself.  It would be hard to get any cooler than that.

Fresh from the festivities the weekend before at Born Free 6, invited builder, Scott "T-Bone" Jones and his crew hauled a fleet of four Noise Cycles custom builds up to the emporium.  With them, the newly finish BF6 beast 120R powered Dyna and the previous year "Best in Show" panhead Sneak Attack. 

The parking lot was packed as usual. It is always great to see the diversity of old an new all in one place. The event captured the spirit of American made motorcycle culture and sub cultures. Sharing a common passion for the big v-twin the proudly ride. As corny as it sounds, I can only  describe it as the celebration of freedom.