Patina The Deus Gripping Glove by Harold's Gear


I have to admit it was an impulse buy. After taking delivery of my Triumph Scrambler I popped into Deus in Venice to get some inspiration on customizing my newly acquired bike. The Deus Gripping Gloves sat protected in their glass case like a piece of jewelry or fine china. After I tried them on I knew they had to be mine. The Napa cowhide with elasticized palm and finger stitching fit my hand like no other glove ever had. That subtle elasticity kept the leather from bunching on the grips giving the gloves a fit and feel like no other. That was 9 months and 10k miles ago and like most quality goods these have only become nicer with age. The natural oils in from my hands naturally darkened the leather into a nicely worn patina.

Made Special.

Eyewear :: Wallet

Made these specially for my mom and sister last year. The eyewear case is a concoction of different dyes to get that orange red look. Also added a strap for fun.

My sister’s wallet is a pink-purple dye. Going to be hard duplicating that color. Need to start charting down my mixes. 



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