The Musket :: Film

It started with an engine Max had specially ordered. A 1000cc V-Twin born from passion, ingenuity and nonconformity.  Iron, aluminum, brass, wood...it took Max six months, and we followed him step by step thought the process. The sweat, blood, and joy involved in creating one of the most stunning machine on two wheels.




Baxter of California
We recently teamed up with Stefan Wigand the creative director for Baxter of California to highlight the California Lifestyle. The creative brief was simple enough, help us tell the story of a quintessential west coast man. We pitched the idea of coming together with Riley Harper, a friend of The Mighty Motor's for some time. For us there really was no other choice than telling an authentic story about someone that lives and breathes fast cars and motorcycles.
Riley Harper is a second generation stuntman living the California dream. Born and raised in the beautiful topography that is California, he embodies the California lifestyle through and through. If he isn’t jumping motorcycles as the double of your favorite super hero or rallying a muscle car with someone on the hood, he is on his hand built 1965 Triumph TR6 Trophy enjoying the perfectly paved bending roads of the Santa Monica mountains or scoring perfect waves at Malibu on his single fin—both “training for the job,”  as he describes. He has lived a well rounded life and experienced many great things all over the world, but in his eyes “the best vacation in the world is just being home” in California.

To see more from Riley follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

Directed by: Sinuhe Xavier
Director of Photography: Mike Svitak
Produced by: Clint Cowen
Original score by: Todd Stopera
Editing by: Carol Martori
Ariel Photography by: Ben Grimes and Aaron Grimes

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A Night at Perris

The cool thing about living in California is that while most of the nation was all bundled up, plowing snow and generally whining about a November arctic blast, we went out to Perris Raceway to cheer our friends on from Hell On Wheels and Deus as they went left... Over and Over...


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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride :: Los Angeles

Good on you Los Angeles! Over 400 riders participated in this years  Distinguished Gentleman's Ride  from the Griffith Observatory to Deus in Venice and to The Ace DTLA. They also helped raise over $40,000 to fund the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Globally The Distinguised Gentlemen's ride raised over 1.4 million dollars....

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