We started to blog in 2011. We were inspired by street fashion photography and vintage motorcycle blogs. We had an idea to combine the two worlds and show our audience the bikes and the people that ride, build, sell and love motorcycles as much as we do.  We have been travelling coast to coast and everywhere in between compiling stories and collecting rare items. In doing so we have also been inspired to create some of our own.  

We are a group of people from different backgrounds living in different cities. Although we are all great friends and have a common passion for vintage motorcycles, we love the diversity of ideas that we get out of working together.

We pay homage to the motor and all things that inspire. 


Collaborations :: Inspired

We are always interested in working with good people.  Lets talk. 


Hustle :: Opportunities

Looking for someone that loves what we do and has passion in what he/she does. 

Show and tell us what you can bring to Mighty.