• Dana Point Concours d'Elegance.
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Dana Point Concours d'Elegance.

Set at the beautiful St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort is the 2013 Dana Point Concours d'Elegance. Historically an automotive show, it has now opened its doors to those showcasing their passion of the two wheeled variety. Interest has grown in the last couple of years; more collectors and enthusiasts have made this event part of their annual show. That being said, it is still predominantly a car show. A very well supported car show. 

Part of the eighteen hole golf course was closed to house the event. More cars than you can count. Car enthusiasts, in my opinion, are in a totally different class of crazy. Similar to the motorcycle guys but bigger in every way.

There are just so many more elements to a car. Powertrain, interior, exterior, electrical, undercarriage and all those lovely dress-up details to make it complete. And when it is done right, it will take you all day to appreciate it all, so pitch a tent. Although there were some amazing cars on the grass, some I've only heard about in stories, like mythical creatures that only surface when the planets align, I could just do a quick scan and listen to the whispers and ahs of onlookers as I walked by.   

The reason? I had been informed a few days prior that Hugo Gallina had finished the Ducati 350 Grand Prix racer and would be displaying it at the show. I saw the bike unrestored and personally favored the patina but I have seen Hugo's work and was equally excited to reacquaint myself with the Ducati. 

Towards the end of the fairway was the motorcycle section of the show. It was an intimate bunch with a wonderful selection of rare restored and original machines. You can always count on a good showing of vintage motocross bikes at any event in Southern California. 

Hugo not only had the Ducati on display but he had also brought with him a fleet of Italian bikes. Five altogether. The star, of course, was the newly finished Grand Prix racer. I watched as it stopped everyone in their tracks. Beautiful. Nothing beats a factory racer. Hugo won five trophies with all five bikes but I was a little disappointed that the Ducati did not take first. Tough call when the judges had to consolidate categories where there were not enough bikes.

I stayed and chatted for a little bit afterwards with some of the exhibitors. It's a tight group and everyone had almost the same response after the show. They want to see more exhibitors next year. I know there are more bikes in the area so I hope they do attend the show. That will definitely make it easier for the organizers so that they don't have to send a guy that brings three amazing bikes home without a prize. Especially when one of them is a hand built Egli-Vincent. 

My favorite that day was a Ducati 125 Scrambler. The model never made it state side and what we saw was possibly the only one here in the US. I have to say that this event did give me the opportunity to get my fix on my mechanical passions -- cars, motorcycles and P51 Mustang flybys. Hats off to the organizers for a great event.

Til next year.


P.S. Thanks Jose for giving me the heads up on this event. Next year sunscreen will be in the bag.





  • Shaik Ridzwan
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