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Festival Of Thump


Another great event hosted by Deus in Venice. The Festival of Thump was greeted by a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles. What better way to spend a Saturday than to join other motorheads riding and hovering over all types of single cylinder motorcycles. 

By 3pm the lot was so packed there wasn't much space between bikes (not a bad thing). Every bike participating in the day's theme had a few minutes of limelight in from of the camera as our host recorded and documented each one. This was also everyone else's chance to hear each distinct motor as the owners burnt a little gas for the camera. 

There were just too many bikes to mention but I do remember a few that stood out from the crowd. Yoshi from Garage Company came with a couple of cool bikes. A Norvin and a CZ Gp racer. Hugo Gallina convoyed along the Pacific Coast Highway from long beach with a few friends on their Italian beauties. Each one beautifully restored. A good showing of SR500s in all different styles.

Gerry Hickson came to show his beautiful Norton Manx 500cc. I had a chance to talk to Gerry for a little bit. I was taking a few shots of the bike when I heard a man say, "that's me in that picture", pointing to a framed black and white picture leaning next to the bike. I was amazed and just had to talk to the man. Turned out that he successfully raced the Manx and several other bikes still in his possession. He competed in 3 Isle of Man TT races in '47, '48, and '52. I think this was my first time meeting an actual TT racer that raced a Manx in its time period. Truly a legend. 

This event was a clear reminder that thumpers still hold a special place in the motorcycling world. The thrill that you get from that single piston is like no other.  

Thanks to everyone at Deus for the brilliant party as always. I had a great time being one the judges for the event. That was an exciting little preview of what is in store for us this summer and a big motivation to head back to the garage to finish all the projects. 


Special thanks to Keith Clifford for helping with the photography while I was too busy sightseeing.

 The awesome ones are his.  


  • Shaik Ridzwan
  • cafecaferacercustomDeusdeus ex machinaFestivalOfThumpfunlamotorcyclesinglethumpersvenicevintage